Jeffrey Tambor (Harris Chappell)

JEFFREY TAMBOR (Harris Chappell) has spent four decades playing dozens of eccentric, off-the-wall characters. A six-time Emmy nominee as Outstanding Supporting Actor for the hit comedy series “Arrested Development” and “The Larry Sanders Show,” Tambor also was a scene stealer in a multitude of memorable motion pictures including “The Hangover,” “The Invention of Lying,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Hellboy” and its sequel, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Pollock.”

Born and raised in San Francisco, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting at San Francisco State University. After receiving his Masters degree at Wayne State University, he started building up his resume in repertory theater. He was first seen on episodic TV in the mid-’70s in both comedies (“Taxi,” “Barney Miller”) and dramas (“Kojak,” “Starsky and Hutch”). A large, somewhat looming man, his sly-eyed look and leering gaze, matched with a bright set of pearly teeth and stark pattern baldness, made him a natural for broad, warped comedy. He appeared in many episodes of “Three’s Company” starring John Ritter, which led to a co-starring role on the show’s spin-off “The Ropers” with Norman Fell.

On stage, he has performed in many roles over the years including “Sly Fox” and “Glengarry Glen Ross” on Broadway in addition to roles in “Measure for Measure,” “A Flea in Her Ear” and “The Seagull.” Tambor has also directed a number of stage productions and occasionally teaches acting in the Los Angeles area.

Tambor made a strong dramatic impression in his film debut, “And Justice for All” (1979), in which he played Al Pacino’s half-crazed law partner. He went on to enhance a number of other movies including “Dreamchasers,” “Mr. Mom,” “Brenda Starr,” “Radioland Murders” and “Doctor Dolittle.”

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